Meeting held at Whittakers and opened at 8.45pm

Apologies were received from Marion who is overseas;

A short meeting was held to discuss the progress of Peter Pan and to address any problems arising.

It was decided that now we are working with younger people that a code of conduct and behaviour be drawn up for the future. This to be discussed more fully at a committee meeting with suggestions for what sort of format it will take.

Presentations for the children will take place after the final show. There will be certificates for the young people and a special fairy for the two leads, in keeping with the theme of the show.

D.V.Dís of the show cost $20.00 but members who are paid up will be able to purchase them at a discounted price, other people will pay the full cost. E.mails to go out.

Fish and chips and pizzas have been ordered for after the final show wind down.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.

The next meeting will be a full committee meeting on the final debriefing of the show.

Time and date to be advised.