The meeting opened at 4.30pm.


Apologies were received from Richard, Marion, Colin and Dee.


Minutes were not available to be read at this time but all present were familiar with them


MATTERS ARISING from the minutes, nil: as the show progresses, matters have been dealt with.


TREASURERS REPORT Account from Palm Beach for rent (probably a mistake as we have not been there since Christmas); Mark to enquire. Rights to show have arrived and been paid. Mike Hayes to be reimbursed for tea and coffee etc. Props for show, costumes and any non specific items to do with the show to be approved later. Various personal expenditure was approved for $85.65, $69.36, $12.00 and $12.30, to do with the show. Copy Expresso $330.00. M. Jeanne S Janet. That these items be passed for payment P.U. Bank Balance stands at$8809.00. There are still some subs outstanding, A reminder to go T  in the newsletter.


GENERAL BUSINESS. Philip asked each member for an update of their show responsibilities and if there were any problems to see Judy. Any show changes will be posted on the internet. War dance and fight scene  has no problems. Timing, diction all great. Scene changing to be worked on as it is complicated. Music to be played behind the scenes to lessen the time frame. Make the scene changers part of the show, e.g. wear something quirky. Maya would like cast to arrive at 5.30 for 7.00pm for make-up. Shona: everything under control as stage manager at the moment and she will deal with any problem as it arises. Thanks to Jules, Maya and Helen for work on costume co-ordination Jeanne: Front of House: no problems at the moment and will deal with them if they arise. Jan Scott will fill in on May 23rd at evening performance. There are plenty of people willing to help in this area.


COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS to go to both papers, Julianne Evans and George Gardner, Jayne Rushton, Peter and Marion Robertson. Creative Community, Bernard and Yachio Rhodes, Cut n Curl. Letters and comps to be sent to George Hudson and the Playright Ass. Shona to organise. Julianne Evans will do the press report. Photos in Gulf News by Phillipa Karn. Cast certificates signed by Philip, Richard and Judy to be given to the children and Flowers to go to Peter Pan and Wendy and those backstage. Everone else to get fairies.


FINAL WEEKEND After-show party after the Sunday Matinee, 2nd Sunday: Fish and chips, pizzas wine from the bar and non alcoholic drinks for the children. If we have a third weekend there will be an adult party.

There being no more business to discuss the meeting closed at5.40pm.