Waiheke Choral Society

Minutes of committee meeting held on Sunday 19th April at 5, Putiki Road.

Meeting commenced at 4.35pm.

Present . Philip, Richard Judy, Maya, Andy, Jeanne, Seth, Shona and Marion.

Apologies. Mark and Janet.

Rehearsals.Philip needs to change the advertised rehearsal schedule.

From now on Sunday and Tuesday rehearsals will be for the full cast, aiming for a full run through (possibly half on Tuesdays)each time.

Thursdays will be for special groups as required.

Sunday rehearsals to run from 12.30-3.30pm so that we do not run into time booked by another group.

Dance rehearsal to be scheduled for the Indians 30 mins before a Sunday full rehearsal.

Judy and Shona to work with Finn to get Tinkerbell up to speed.

Shona suggested that children need sustenance in these long rehearsals, water, muesli bars and cut up apples.(Parent help )

Music. Richard is confident that now Chris Orange has fewer commitments that the music will come together and be precise. It is planned to have some music put onto CD to help in this precision.

Music is needed for some of the longer scene changes.

? Peter Pan song?

Set. Colin is doing a great job with the giant set of building blocks which will create the set. All the set has been made out of recycled materials so far. There is still a lot of work to do in building these.

The crocodile needs strengthening.

Stage hands (4) +flyer + Shona needed for performances. E.mail to go out requesting adult help.

Lighting. Judy to contact Howard and invite him to next rehearsal as the lighting is an important part of this show. Andy to supply Judy with Howard’s cell ph.no.

Props. All props now needed in rehearsals

Maya to supply dog collar and lead, and two hurricane lamps.

Smoke for mushroom and top hat .Party poppers to represent smoke…Jeanne offered those surplus to xmas party.

Clear bowl for medicine for PP…not coconut.

Tinks cupboard. Marion to supply.

Fire from party hire. Jules is checking on this and will advise Marion…otherwise Marion to make.

Costumes. Richard needs measurements for Mrs Darling and Captain Hook. Marion to do this.

Mrs Darling requires 2 outfits: one taffeta (or similar) out to dinner dress, and a long skirt, Victorian blouse and a shawl.

Mr Darling requires a dinner suit and a bow tie.

Shona to e.mail up to date cast list to Maya who is co-ordinating costumes with Jules.

Lost boys, to wear cut off jeans, overlarge shirts with rope belt or similar, head band or old style cap and to be encouraged to have muddy feet!

Peter and Wendy have to have holes in the back of their costume so hiring is not an option. Shona offered to look out for these costumes.

Top hat, Jeanne to supply.

First Costume call to be advised for Sunday 3rd May

Make up. Saturday workshop for children and adults to be arranged ASAP. Judy to contact Jane.

Before the workshop, appoint two parents to be responsible for make up and supervising children using make up

Children to be taught make up etiquette, and rules established and made clear.

Those not attending the workshop will not touch the make up.

Two make up stations to be set up, one for children and the other strictly for adults.

Maya offered to make copies of computer templates available if required.

Publicity. Andy to contact papers to see if they will accept a photo of PP, possibly Wendy flying.

First blurb has already appeared.To be followed with write up mentioning the environmentally friendly set / recycled: the rights for Peter Pan still go to Gt. Ormond St Children’s Hospital: and the use of grants from Creative NZ for children’s workshops to develop creative arts on the island in drama, music, dance, make up and lighting

Advertising for the Programme still needs to be followed up. Dee and Janet to ring sponsors.

Special thanks to Colin and Bernard to be recorded in the programme.

Theatre bar. Dee has arranged for Kennedy point to man the bar

After show party. All to bring a plate after the last matinee.

If the performances extend to the third week, the after show party can proceed on Saturday night with clean up on Sunday as usual.

Parent Help. Shona to compose a list of jobs for parent help.

Maya will contact parents and fill these jobs.

These jobs include the following as discussed here.

Organise coffee and tea for Sunday rehearsals.

Organise substantial refreshments for children on Sunday as above.

Organise the area (with food) for children during performances

Organise Green room food for adults.

Stage hands

Make up.

Special Note. e.mail to go out advising that “The flying harness has been specially made to fit Peter ,Wendy and Michael(Or is it John?). For safety reasons, NO ONE will be flying other than those the harness has been made for.”

Jeanne offered to help where required after front of house complete.

Meeting closed at 5.50pm