Minutes of meeting held Tuesday 31 March at Whittakers

The meeting commenced at 9.00pm

Present: Philip, Richard, Andy, Maya, Judy, Dee, Jeanne and Marion

Apologies: Mark and Janet.

Minutes of the previous meeting March 15th were approved.

There were no matters arising.

Correspondence: from Colin Beardon on behalf of Artworks who will not accept any liability for accidents involving flying.

Accounts approved for payment;

Play Bureau for Peter Pan performing rights ($150 x 8 shows)  $1100.92

   ..       ..               ..     ..    photocopying rights                             $213.75

Postage                                                                                             $10.00


Peter Pan:

Makeup: Jane will hold a two hour workshop for makeup.

Time to be arranged separate time from rehearsal…possibly a Saturday.


Indians and lost boys: Co-ordinators: Jules and Maya.

Pirates: Co-ordinators: Helen and Lise

Children to be given list of their costume requirements, for them to provide.

Maya to check “Otherworld” for possible costumes.

Richard to contact “Playhouse” for all other costume requirements

Set: Colin has it under control and will call for help when it is needed.

Props: Judy requests 8 fluoro foam tubes for use in fight scene. / Marion to purchase.

Flying harness: Thanks to Peter Robertson, Foster Marine for materials supplied for rigging and harness which Bernard will make to fit the children.

Dee to ask Peter for his Logo to go into the programme.

Sound and Music: Chris is on board here.

Lighting: Howard [will be back from the UK mid-month and is happy to be involved /Dee] and or Roddy still to be contacted.

Tickets and Posters: Colin has these underway.

Programmes: Colin will do the programmes, but needs volunteers to ring the sponsors.

Promotions: Andy was asked to take some photos for use in promotions.

Dee to send these with a suitable blurb to Gulf News and City Scene / What’s on?

Philip will follow receipt of this with a personal visit.

Budget: Philip reported that so far we are well within budget as some items have been far less than originally estimated. The original budget of $13700 may now be under $10,000.

Play rights were less than half, and paint for the set is free.

General: Judy reported that an advert for Waiheke Choral Society has gone into the Gulf News What’s on.


Meeting closed at 9.30pm

Next Meeting Sunday April 19th. 4.15pm at 7, Putiki Road.

[I asked Marion and she thinks Whittakers would be available, if that’s easier.  I get off at 4pm, so I’d be able to join you there, too.]