Minutes of meeting held Sunday 4th Jan.09 at 7, Putiki Road

The meeting commenced at 4.20pm

Present: Philip, Richard, Mary, Andy, Maya, Judy, Dee, Janet, Mark and Marion.

Apologies: Ann and Jeanne.

There were no minutes from the previous meeting.

Messiah: The performance had been well received and commented upon.

The local radio broadcast was applauded and Andy will have CD copies available for those interested.

Financial Report: Mark reported that he has completed the books for the year.

It was confirmed that a donation was made to Matthew Muir.

Richard to check on receipt from Playbureau, and provide invoices for travel.

Door receipts of $175 from Messiah performance, to be donated to local charity of members choice at the AGM.

Mark will be away for 6 weeks from 14 March.

Balance in cheque account $9,000

Financial report accepted. Dee / Janet

AGM to be held Tues 10 March


Philip reported that we have a cast of 50 at present.

Selection of understudies for childrens’ parts will be made from those who shine at rehearsals.

All rehearsals will be at Artworks.

First two rehearsals will be music only for everyone.( children, adults and principals)

commencing Tuesday 3rd February.

Thereafter Adults:Tuesday 7.30pm.

6.00pm for children

Children: Sunday 1pm – 4.0pm dance

Principals. Friday (Thurs at those times theatre not available)

Everyone Sunday 22 March

No rehearsals Easter. 10 -12 April

Judy away 4 -12 April

Philip away 5 April


Thursday 14 May Dress rehearsal

Friday15 May, 7.00pm

Saturday16 May, 2.00pm & 7.00pm

Sunday 17 May2.00pm.

Friday 22 May, 7.00pm

Saturday 23 May,2.00pm & 7.00pm


Sunday 24 May 2.00pm

Extra weekend Friday 7.00pm & Saturday 2.00pm and 7.00pm

Production team

Contact co-ordinator. Dee Austring

Director Philip Symonds

Musical Director. Richard Melville

Musicians Richard to invite Ann Willman and arrange others.

Choreography. Judy Oliver

Lighting. Howard ?…(Mark to sound out)

Sound Seth ? to set up

Costume Co-ordinator. Jo Woodward?

Mary Melville to co-ordinate hire costumes.

Set Design. Colin Beardon?

Set Builder Bernard , Stan. (Andy to ask)

Stage hands Nicky Symonds.

Jenny Knight (Mark to ask for 10 May onwards)

Props Janet Mayes

Make up Jane ?

Tickets, Publicity, Programmes and sponsorship. Colin Beardon ?

Front of House. Jeanne Mellamphy

Ticket Sales Marion Knight

Cleaning To be rostered.

Parent Contact & Co-ordinator. Jo Woodward?

Rehearsal Refreshments Jo Woodward?


Banner Philip, Mark.

Performance thanks / flowers Richard.

Design Certificate for kids. Colin Beardon?

Mark to arrange for story in the papers, asking for volunteers, especially for set building.

Proposed Budget for Oliver

Costume hire $ 1,500

Artworks hire. Rehearsals 12x3x15 =$240


Performances 8x4x25=$800 $ 1,240

Play rights $ 3,000

Set / paint $ 2,500

Printing. Scripts $ 500

Music $ 600

Tickets / Programmes $1,000

Promotions $1,000

Make-up $ 300

Presentations $ 300

Lights $ 600

Props $ 500

Tea / coffee $ 200

Richard / boat $ 460 TOTAL $13,700


Grant (creative communities) $2,600

Programme ads $1,000

Bar sales/raffles $1,000

Ticket sales (800x15)

Adults $20

Children $10

Concessions $15

Family 2 ad .3ch $50 $12,000 TOTAL $16,600

Meeting closed at 5.30pm

Next meeting. Friday 30 Jan. 7.00pm

To include a shared meal, at Judy Oliver’s place. 17, Pacific Parade.

(Park on the road…..take L.H. driveway.)