Waiheke Choral Society Minutes of meeting held at Artworks Sunday 15 June 2008


The meeting opened at 4.35pm.

Apologies: Mark James


Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.    Judy/Andy 

Matters Arising.

Invoice for T Shirts $109.21 presented at last meeting, passed for payment.   Richard/Jeanne 

Re Show:

Black Light – Andy to contact Mark to arrange.

Sponsorship: Janet has obtained sponsorship from local businesses amounting to $950.00

Program is being compiled by Colin.

Costumes are almost complete. Still needed: kilt pins, umbrella with a hook, Stretchy or large long gloves for Richard.

Publicity:Photos taken by Gulf News and Marketplace. Andy has emailed both inviting them to dress rehearsal.

Subs: Some children have still not paid $10. Sndy to ask Mark for list of those who have paid. Others to be followed up.


General Business:

Ticket sales have started slowly. No complimentary tickets are provided for cast. One complimentary ticket for every block booking of 10. (ie pay for 9)

Ads have been placed in Gulf News and Marketplace this week. It was agreed to spend another $140 for an additional ad in the Marketplace the week the show begins. Richard will also place an ad in Waiheke Week.

Maya has organized parents to do make-up and help back stage for show.


Financial Report

Not available as Treasurer not present.


Accounts for reimbursement:

$635.00 to Phillip for paint

$29.95 to Marion for costumes

$22.60 to Judy for props.

Approved for payment.       Richard/Andy


The meeting ended at 5.20pm