Meeting opened at 4.05pm.


Apologies were received from Ann Jocelyn and Richard.


The minutes were read and it was M. .Andy S. Janet that the minutes be accepted. P.U.


As the minuted contents were centred around the show it was decided to move it to General Business.




Balance sheet attached. Invoice for T.Shirts $109.21.


A discussion followed on the progress of the show. Most jobs are under control.

PROPS. The lions head is in process ,Black paint is needed and Andy has some, any other paint or materials need we will purchase from Placemakers, but hopefully they might donate it .A horse costume will be made by Philip, Alex to be asked to make his own special baton, Judy to check fairy dust and wands from Cheryl, Marion to make two flower baskets and a rose bush Soda syphon has been bought, Sign to be made “Palace” on one side and “.To the lake on the other” Alex will make his own big boots .Meya will make “mice” Children to make their own masks and Judy will check at The Warehouse availability of masks. We need sixteen blanks .FANTASY SCENE Meya will organise this but she needs help. BACKDROP will be painted on Saturday June 7th. at 1.00pm. Philip will find paint rollers etc. Buttons and buckles have been made LIGHTING. Howard to come to Thursdays rehearsal Black Light will be needed but we will probably have to purchase one. SPONSORSHIP.Janet has it under control,Eleven firms have agreed so far to help. Andy will try some of his contacts. Sponsorship has covered the cost of the advertising. Colin has done the tickets and posters. Article going in the press, and the tickets will be available Sunday June 7th. COSTUMES .Measurements have gone out to Richard. Mark to check with Richard/Mary as we need them on Sunday June 7th. Linda Deverell has marching girls costumes. Costume Call Sunday. .Photos to be taken for Market Place and Gulf News ,Puss in Boots flat to be erected in Artworks Sheryl to be contacted re Black Light by Mark

Complete run through of show on Sunday June 7th To start at 12.00 noon It should take 2 hrs 5.00pm finish. Overture at 12.30pm Rehearsal call for the Bamboo dance 6.00pm

Communications. Phoning to be done as well as E mails. Marion and Philip to phone cast

A complete list of contact numbers to be updated and distributed now most of the subs are in. Dee has done one.

Meeting closed at 505pm.

Next meeting will be June 14th.at 4.00pm and will be held at Artworks.