Minutes of Committee Meeting Sunday March 30th 2008



Apologies: Andy & Maya Spence, Ann Jocelyn.


Minutes of previous Committee meeting not available.


Correspondence in & out: Nil.


Financial Report :

Subs are coming in slowly. Mark is away in USA for 7 weeks. Marion will deputise.

Cheque to go to Waiheke Coast Guard.

Philip to hold PO key & WCS stamp to Marion.

M. Marion that Financial report be accepted, seconded Janet, PU.


Marion to fill in Charities Commission forms. Each member to sign.


Year ahead : Richard spoke on plans for the year ahead.

Show to be similar to Last Tango in Little Oneroa. “Last Panto in Little Oneroa”

Act 1 (Panto) Act 2 : Money all lost with Blue Chip. Finale to be last act of Panto.


Idea to involve everyone including children.

Dates : Performance at Rocky Bay Thursday June 19th.

Artworks Friday & Saturday 20th-21st.

Sunday 22nd performance aimed at families....time to be confirmed.

At Artworks: Friday 27th, Saturday 28th (2 performances) Sunday 29th.

One weekend off.

At Artworks: Friday 11th July & Saturday 12th July (subject to confirmation).


Cast Call Tuesday April 8th.

Dee to send email to children & to schools.

Auditions for children Tuesday April 8th.

Adults following Tuesday 15th (to be advertised).

Philip to confirm Artworks.

Mark to confirm Rocky Bay.

Approx rehearsals over 12 weeks.

Production Committee to be formed.

Main Committee to be expanded during rehearsals.

Jobs to be allocated.

Make-up, Fund-raising, Front-of-house, Costumes, Scenery, Lighting, Sound, Music, Orchestra, Choreography, Director, Publicity, Ticket-sales, Prop, Bar.


Choreography: Judy.

Props : Christine.

Music & Orchestra : Richard.

Ticket Sales : Marion.

Lighting : Howard.

Stage Manager : Stan/Jenny.

Front-of-house : Jeanne.

Make-up : Irene.

Design, Fundraising, Publicity : Colin.

Lights : Stan/George/Bernard.

Set Builder : Peter Armstrong.

Costumes : Team of seamstresses or hire costumes from town.

Information : Dee Austring liaison officer.

Director : Philip.

Bar :


Rehearsals next 6 weeks at Palm Beach.

Last weeks at Artworks.

Janet liaise between Acapella & Main Choir.


Meeting closed at 5.30 pm.

Next Meeting Tuesday 8th April after Auditions.