Waiheke Island Choral Society

Minutes of Special Committee Meeting

Held 4 December 2007 at Palm Beach Hall


Meeting opened at 9:10 PM.

Present: Jack Watson (president), Dee Austring, Mark James, Richard Melville, Andy Spence, Maya Spence, Philip Symonds, Marie Watson.


Dee presented the case for a donation from the Choral Society towards the production of Bugsy Malone by local school children this weekend, as many of the children in that play were also the King's kids in The King and I.  A discussion ensued regarding an appropriate amount.


Motion (moved Mark, seconded Richard): That the Choral Society donate $500 towards the production of Bugsy Malone.


The motion was passed unanimously.

The treasurer gave a cheque to Dee to present to Fhi Wainwright.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM.