Minutes of Choral Society Committee Meeting held on Monday 19/11/07 at Andy & Maya’s place, Trig Hill Road, Onetangi.


Present: Jack, Marie, Andy, Maya, Richard, Ann, Mark

Apologies: Jeanne, Philip, Barbara

Marie/Richard   That the apologies be sustained.   Carried.


Minutes of the previous meetings held on 1 October and 16 October were read and confirmed. (Marie/Richard)

Business Arising:

That Philip Symonds and Dee Austring be formally co-opted onto the committee and informed by letter.

Ann/Andy Carried

1.Christmas Concert

That a one hour Christmas Concert be held on Sunday 23 December at 9.00pm in St Peter’s Catholic Church subject to availability. Marie/Ann Carried.

Richard agreed to book the Church and to contact Colin Beardon to ask him to prepare some advertising for the concert. (Alternative date 16 Dec ember)

2.Thai Dinner

The dinner held at the Waiheke Bowling Club was a great success. The Choral Society subsidized  charges for members by $10 to reduce the cost to $15.00 per person. Full costs were paid for invited guests.

3.Tabled Motion

That in view of the decision made at the committee meeting of 16 October re payment of $2,000.00 to Ann Sutton, being re-imbursement for costume materials, and in consideration of her response, the motion proposed by Ann/Barbara and tabled at the meeting of 1 October, be withdrawn .

Ann/Jack Carried



Inwards: Anne Sutton; Choral Federation; Association of Independent Music Librarians.

Outwards: Nil

That Inwards Correspondence be received  Richard/Andy    Carried


General Business

Palm Beach Hall Hire

Jack has been notified that the notice board outside the hall is to be repainted with updated information re hall users.

That the contact number for Waiheke Choral Society on the Palm Beach Hall notice board be changed to 372-4292 (Jack & Marie Watkins)  Jack/Ann    Carried


Jeanne Mellamphy has had knee surgery and is recovering. She will be staying in Auckland with her daughter before returning to Waiheke.

That the Choral Society send a card to Jeanne at her daughter’s and flowers to be delivered on her return home.   Maya/Andy  Carried.

Ann to arrange.



Ann is sending out a newsletter next week. Items to be included: Successful show, Thai Dinner, Christmas Concert, Dates for next year’s rehearsals, notice re Jeanne.


Financial Report

Mark presented the Financial Report for October. (copy filed)

Income from ticket sales           $1,700.00

Expenditure                                 $5,600.00


One more account for royalties for King and I not yet received.

Expected profit from King and I, excluding proceeds from sale of costumes $7,000.00 - $7,500.


Current Balance in Bank: $13,708.62


General Business continued


That Colin Beardon be formally acknowledged  in writing for his professional design and implementation of a very successful advertising campaign for The King and I.  Richard/Ann   Carried


Sale of Costumes

Andy has received an inventory of costumes from Marion Knight. Jack will make an inventory of the costumes stored at his place. Andy will start notifying Theatre Companies around the country of the forthcoming auction of the costumes on Trade Me.



The final Choir Practice for the year will be the last rehearsal before the Christmas Concert (scheduled for either 16 or 23 December.)

Practices will start again on Monday 5 February 2008.


The meeting finished at 8.45pm with thanks to Andy and Maya for providing a venue.

The next formal committee meeting will be in February 2008.