Minutes of Choral Society Committee meeting held on Monday 1 October at 43 Kennedy Road.


Present: Jack, Mark, Richard, Marie, Maya, Andy, Barbara, Ann, Philip

Apologies: Jeanne Mellamphy

That Philip Symonds be co-opted onto the Committee.   Jack/Marie   Carried unanimously.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were amended to include Dee Austring in the list of those who attended. Minutes were then approved.    Andy/Marie    Carried.

Financial Report

No new accounts for payment or income received since last meeting.

$200.00 paid to Anne Sutton and reimbursement of King and I expenses amounting to $89.52 have been paid as agreed at last meeting.

Current Balance $11,382.00

That the financial report be adopted     Philip/Richard Carried


No inwards correspondence.

Letter to George Hudson, thanking him for his donation and agreement to continue as Choir Patron

Matters Arising from Minutes

1.Discussion re most appropriate way to reimburse Anne Sutton for full costs incurred in preparation of costumes and to acknowledge her contribution to King & I.

That Andy will speak informally with Anne Sutton re the full costs incurred in preparation of costumes.

Richard/Marie   Carried.

That in view of the Choral Society’s current financial position, Anne Sutton be paid a gratuity of $500 in acknowledgment of her very significant contribution to the success of The King and I, and that this amount be in addition to the $200 anonymous donation she has already received and the reimbursement (on presentation of receipts) of expenses incurred in the purchase of materials for costumes for the show.


Tabled for further consideration at next meeting to allow time for Andy to talk with Anne


2 Meeting at Artworks

Dee attended the meeting and provided a full written report to the meeting. Richard was unable to attend.


3 Choir Practices will resume Tuesday 2 October at 7.30 – Palm Beach Hall

Those who wish to will participate in Sing for Hospice on Saturday 6 October, Palm Beach Hall

Christmas Concert planned for Sunday 16 December at 4.00 pm at St Peter’s Catholic Church (if available)

Andy suggested that we make a strong effort to get new members involved in Christmas Concert.

That Dee Austring be asked if she is willing to be co-opted onto committee to continue in the role of communicating info to choir members by email and notifying Marion Knight re phone messages.

Jack/Mark   Carried.


4A Thai Dinner will be arranged for Mid-Late November for all choir members and partners as well as those  invited to participate in acknowledgement of their contribution t o King and I (Teresa Cole(hair) and partner, Judy Oliver (choreography, Anne Willman(Pianist) Members of Orchestra, Elizabeth Haylock (tickets).

Andy agreed to check out venues, catering and prices. Two suggestions were Palm Beach Clubhouse or Artworks with food out-catered. (to check with Briar Ross)

Mark suggested that those attending (apart from invited guests) pay flat rate of $20 and choir subsidise additional costs.

Next Committee Meeting 19 November at 7.30. Any matters requiring action before that date to be discussed at short meeting scheduled after choir practice on a Tuesday.


The meeting finished at 8.45pm.