Minutes of Committee/Production Sub-Committee  meeting held in Palm Beach Hall on Tuesday 18 September 2007.


Present: Jack Watson (Chair), Jeanne Mellamphy, Mark James, Ann Jocelyn, Richard Melville, Marie Watson, Anne Sutton, Maya Spence, Andy Spence, Barbara Cuff, Christine Hoffman,  Philip Symonds


Apologies: Stephen Tysoe      Apology sustained.   Marie/Anne S.


Minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed  Andy/Mark


Matters Arising – re King & I – deferred until  later in meeting.


Inwards Correspondence

1Letter from George Hudson, agreeing to continue as patron of the Choral Society and enclosing a donation of $500.


2Letter to Richard from Mary Batten on behalf of Anglican Church and Congregation, thanking A Capella Choir for participating in Sung Evensong.


Financial Report

Mark presented the Cash Book Balance sheets for the months of August and September and the Balance sheet for The King & I Production. (attached)

King & I

Income                   $24,709.25

Expenditure          $13,036.56

Balance                  $ 11,672.69


Balance in Bank   18 September



That the Financial Report be accepted. Carried with acclamation.



King and I Matters

1. Discussion re how to acknowledge  those whose  many hours of voluntary work  was a major contributing factor to the success of the show; in particular Anne Sutton (costumes), Theresa Cole (hair), Judy Oliver (choreography) Anne Willman (pianist) Members of the Orchestra, Elizabeth (ticket sales)

While some expressed the opinion that those who had professional skills in some areas  should be financially recompensed in some way for their time and skill, others were concerned that, by doing so, a precedent would be created which might be difficult to meet for future shows.


That those who made a significant contribution to the production of the King & I, and who are not members of the Choral Society, be invited to join Society members  for a Thai dinner,  their cost s to be covered by the Society and that hairdresser Theresa’s babysitter costs to be covered by the Society to enable her to attend with her partner.    Carried


That the anonymous donation of $200 being held by the Society for Anne Sutton, be passed on to her in acknowledgement of her work on costumes for the show.     Carried

2. Costumes have been returned and are being mended and cleaned by Anne Sutton and others. When ready, those which were not hired or borrowed, are to be advertised for sale on EBay. Andy is organizing this.

3Ticket Sales

Jack recommended that for future productions, ticket sales be managed by one person as this had worked well for King and I.

One issue identified was seats being booked and held for people who did not collect or pay for tickets. This resulted in empty seats that could have been sold for some performances.

It was agreed that in future, payment in advance should be required. Mark suggested that an internet payment facility could be provided through “Paypal”

4.Timeline Needed

Discussion re length of time from start of rehearsals –too long for children and chorus. Maximum of 3 months adequate. Leads could practice separately for longer.

Also suggested that timeline at beginning would include planned dates for sets, costuming etc.


General Business

1.Meeting at Artworks 19 September to discuss need for support for Artworks Theatre  to continue to operate. Richard said he would attend.


2.Full choir weekly starting 2 October at Palm Beach Hall. A Capella will continue at Whittaker’s. Rental  $10 per practice.


This is the final Production Meeting for King and I.

Next committee meeting 1 October, 7.30pm at Jack & Marie Watson’s in Kennedy Road.