Minutes of Committee/Production Committee Meeting Waiheke Choral Society held at the Chairperson’s home on 14 May 2007

Meeting commenced at 6.10pm

Present: Jack, Richard, Andy, Maya, Barbara, Colin, Anne S.,

Marie, Jeanne, Mark,. Phillip, Ann J.

Apologies Stan Edwards, Jan MaCartain (Message wishing us well for show)

Andy/Marie That apologies be accepted. Carried

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed. Jeanne/Anne Carried.

Business Arising


Letter from MORRA hall committee re Diamond Jubilee.

Including invitation for choir to participate. Agreed that Choral Soc. not able to do this at short notice.

That inwards Correspondence be received Andy/Mark Carried

Financial Statement

Not available as Stan is away and Mark has only just returned to country.

Accounts for Payment

Marketplace 1/4 page ad $111.38 include. GST

Copy Espresso- Photocopying for A Cappella $76.50

Andy Spence-Reimbursement for printing and CDS $50.00

That accounts be passed for payment. Jeanne/Anne S Carried

King & I

Cast and production Changes

Richard and Phillip are sharing the directing role

Discussion re cast still needed.

Lun Tha – Tenor with two songs and speaking part in two scenes

Extra men for slaves etc.

Discussion re need to know who is committed to being in the Show. Necessary for rehearsals and for costuming.

That 27 May be final date for people to indicate whether they are committed to being in the show Anne S/Marie Carried

Rehearsals from now on will be on Mondays and Fridays for Principals and Tuesdays and/or Sundays for wives, children etc. including Principals.

Next rehearsal Sunday 20 May.

Dee’s role as Production Manager is to maintain communication with everyone involved to ensure they are all up to date with what is happening. This will be done mostly by email.

Rehearsal Schedule and Cast list will be updated and emailed by Dee. Marion Knight will phone those without email.

Costumes and Props

Thai Treasure Trove Shop in Botany Downs – discovered by Jack. May be willing to lend some artefacts for show. Also have some materials and Thai clothing. Anne Sutton to liaise with Christine Hoffman re visit to shop re costumes and props.

Wigs will be needed for some Principals and wives. Suggestion to check Ike’s Emporium in Devonport, and/or Jeff’s Emporium in Dominion Road (Valley Road Shops)

Asian Masks needed for Ballet scene. Suggestions re white masks from Warehouse and to check at Thai shop and Emporiums as above..

Anne Sutton has been interviewed by a reporter from Marketplace who is writing article about the work being done on costumes for the show.


Colin presented flyer designed to seek sponsorship from local business people for show.

That we accept Colin’s proposal for sponsorship brochure as amended. Ann/Dee Carried


That we ask Cheryl to do the lighting for the show Andy/Phillip Carried. With one vote recorded against the motion. Richard will liaise with Dee re approaching Cheryl

It was agreed that if Cheryl is employed, a written contract should specify what is required.

Set Designer needed. to work with Director and set builders. Everyone to be asked to look for someone suitable.

The meeting closed at 7.50pm

Next Committee Meeting Monday 11 June 6.00pm

At Ann Jocelyn’s 21 Albert Crescent, Ostend.