Minutes of Meeting of the Committee/Production Committee of the Waiheke island Choral society held on 14th April 2007 at 43 Kennedy Road, Surfdale.

Meeting opened at 10.10am

Present: Jack Watson 9Chair), Anne Sutton, Barbara Cuff, Marie Watson, Colin Beardon , Jeanne Mellamphy. Stan Edwards (Acting Treasurer), Ann Jocelyn (from 10.45am)

Apologies: Richard Melville, Andy & Maya Spence, Margaret Karetai, Pat Atkin

Apologies sustained. (Jeanne/Anne Sutton)

Minutes of previous meeting (27/03/07) were read by the Chairman, and confirmed. Colin/Stan

Election of Vice President: Jeanne Mellamphy was nominated by Stan, seconded by Anne Sutton. No further nominations so Jeanne was elected unopposed

Election of Musical Director: Richard Melville was nominated by Jeanne, seconded by Jack.

No further nominations, so Richard elected unopposed.


Inwards: 22/3/07 Invoice from Gulf News

6/4/07 origin Theatrical Royalties information

14/4/07 Harrop & Hargreaves audit account

Outwards: Card to Jan McCartain

Colin/Jeanne Inwards correspondence received and Outwards approved. Carried.

Matters Arising: As these were related to the production, they were deferred until later in the meeting.

Financial Statement: Attached

Accounts for payment:

Harrop & Hargreaves $180.0

Reimbursement to Jach for comestibles purchased for rehearsals: $27.02

Jeanne/Colin That financial statement be accepted and accounts passed for payment. Carried

A revised budget for King and I with estimated expenditure totalling $8,847.02 (attached) was presented by the treasurer. Some discussion followed.

Stan/Colin That the budget for King and I, as presented by Stan, be accepted. Carried unanimously.,

Jeanne/Barbara That money for King and I production expenses and general expenses be withdrawn from the Business Accelerator Account, subject to normal Committee approvals.

Carried unanimously.

Contract with Artworks.

Stan summarised key points in the contract. It was agreed that it should be signed by Andy Spence as Director of the Production, on behalf of the Choral Society.

Entrance fees to be charged for the show will be $20 adults, $15 Concessions $10 Children under 12.

Performance Rights

Stan presented and summarised a lengthy letter from Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd re copywright requirements.

Stan agreed to liaise with Andy about what contact he has already had with Origin.

Stan/Ann J.

That we formalise our agreement with Origin Theatrical re Copywright requirements to ensure we safeguard the integrity of the Choral Society.

Carried unanimously

Publicity and Sets

Colin sent a story to the papers – was published by Marketplace. He will continue to maintain liaison with community papers re the show.

Alison Blanchard is willing to paint a backdrop and help with sets. Colin, Stan, Alison, Margaret & Andy will meet to discuss what is needed. All scenery, sets and other preparatory activities need to be completed by Mid July.

Christine Hoffman is willing to be prompt.

The meeting closed at 12.45pm