Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc.

Minutes of Production Sub-Committee Committee Meeting 13 March 2007

Held in the Palm Beach Hall

Meeting opened at 6.25 pm.

Present: Jeanne Mellamphy (Chair), Richard Melville, Janis McCartain, Pat Atkin, Anne Sutton, Colin Beardon, Mark James, Marie and Jack Watson.

Minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed.

$10.00 refund to Marie for the Committee’s light repast was approved.

Matters pertaining to the production of “The King and I:”

Further casting is now waiting on auditions. Maya Spence is to be asked to take the part of Tuptim.

Director: Andy Spence. His tasks include calling production committee meetings, and notifying committee members of the meetings.

Production Manager: Margaret Karetai. If at all possible, it will be necessary for Margaret to attend meetings of the Production Committee, but the Committee asks that she notify Andy if unable to attend.

Set design: Colin and Andy have some tentative ideas about the set, and are bearing in mind that the set and costume colours will need to be complementary. Andy, Colin and Anne Sutton to meet in order to design a fairly simple set.

Some fine tuning of the script will be required (possible abridgement?) Suggest that Andy and Margaret meet with the rest of the Production Committee regarding this.

Children’s auditions (initially) will probably only need Andy Spence and Mary Melville to take them. However, the point was made that some full rehearsals should be held from a comparatively early stage, as it is very helpful to all cast members to get an idea of the show as a whole in good time. There are two children’s choruses (say, 8 to 10 in each). The two primary schools are to be phoned (by Andy?) to enlist the help of their drama coaches. The suggestion was made that parents of the children be asked to contribute, say, $5.00 towards the cost of their costumes, which the children will have to keep after the show.

Present dates for performances are August 16, 17 18 (matineé and evening performance on 18/8) 23, 24 and 25 (matineé and evening performance on 25/8).

Sponsorship: Colin offered to approach Waiheke businesses and professional people asking for their sponsorship for the show. This concept is to be worked up at the next Production Committee meeting.

Read-through and listen to music will be on Tuesday 20th March 2007 at 7.30 pm in the Palm Beach Hall.

Next meeting of the Production Committee to be called by Andy on a date suitable to him.

This meeting closed at 7.15 pm.


Production Committee List

All Society Committee members elected at the AGM on 13/03/2007 as follows:

[E-mail addresses are not clickable so as to discourage their harvesting for spam purposes.]

Jack Watson (Chair) 4292 holyrood at actrix dot co dot nz

Ann Kinghorn (Secretary) 8724 Kinghorn at paradise dot net dot nz

Mark James (Treasurer) 9973 tmarkjames at yahoo dot com

Richard Melville (Musical Director) 6200 funeralsatweirs at xtra dot co dot nz

Jeanne Mellamphy 6003

Marie Watson 4292 holyrood at actrix dot co dot nz

Pat Atkin 8269

Andy Spence 9333 mayandy at xtra dot co dot nz

Maya Spence 9333 mayandy at xtra dot co dot nz

Barbara Cuff 6700

Plus the following co-opted members:

Margaret Karetai (Production 8110/3111 Karetais at xtra dot co dot nz


Colin Beardon (Design) 5801 cbeardon at ihug dot co dot nz