Minutes of a Meeting of the Production Committee of the Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc, Held in the Palm Beach Hall on

Tuesday 6th March 2007

Meeting Opened at 6.00 pm

Present: Jeanne Mellamphy (Chair), Andy Spence, Philip Symonds, Colin Beardon, Richard Melville, Janis McCartain, Mark James, Jack Watson.

Apologies: Marie Watson, Pat Atkin. Sustained on the motion of Jack, seconded Mark.

The Production of “The King and I” has been put back to the following dates in 2007: August 16. 17. 18, 23, 24, 25. This will allow a longer rehearsal time, will not clash with the projected Pantomine at Artworks, and also Treasurer Mark James will be back in New Zealand, to handle the financial side of the production.

Philip announced that he will be withdrawing from active participation in the Choral Society for a year, for personal reasons.

Budget for “The King and I”: Mark will apply to the Creative Community Scheme tomorrow, asking for a grant of $1,000.00 towards “The King and I,” in the application he will stress that 10 to 18 year old people will be considerably involved. The possibility of using the new theatre at the High School for the performances was raised, and this is to be investigated for availability and suitability. It would only be suitable if stage lighting is installed in the theatre. Richard feels the orchestral score may not be needed.

Estimate of the set cost will be required early on.

Anne Willmann has indicated that she will be happy to be pianist for rehearsals and performances. Children’s auditions are scheduled for 27th March. Maya Spence has offered to organise and coach the choreography. The part of Lady Thiang is to be played by Ann Joslynn . Because of the involvement of some quite young children, it is suggested that start time for the performances be 7.00 pm.

While “The King and I” is in rehearsal, Richard suggests that the Choir have a smaller project to rehearse (as there is no great amount of choral work in the show), possibly a fundraising concert.

Rehearsals: Mike Karetai and Mary Melville will rehearse together at mutually suitable times (not Tuesdays), Mary will probably rehearse with the children on Tuesdays, and the children and principals rehearse on Sundays.

Other production matters: The possibility of hiring at least some of the costumes was put forward. Cost would be a factor here, but the point was made that it will be necessary to mount the production fairly lavishly. Michael Evans had offered his services for set construction, but for health reasons is now unlikely to be able to do this—he would, however, still be able to advise. We could advertise for people to help with the set, bearing in mind that Colin Beardon will be away for the month of August. (He has, however, offered to paint a backdrop during July.) Another possibility is to ask Brenda Milson to paint backdrops, for which she would be paid. This is to be looked at before next week’s meeting. John McNaughton has worked on sets for the Society in the past, and might do so again.

A Schedule of rehearsals and a fundraising event is to be roughed out.

Other Business: A cheque for $10.00 to be given to Marie Watson for food supplied tonight. Mark/Jeanne.

As Treasurer, Mark was asked for his opinion on the financial viability of producing “The King and I.” His reply was that there is some risk, but one the Society can afford to take.

The Annual General Meeting is to be held next Tuesday (13/03/07) at 7.30 pm, in the Palm Beach Hall, to be followed by Choir practice. Next Production Committee meeting at 6.15 pm, also on 13/03/07.

This meeting closed at 7.15 pm.