Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc.

Minutes of a Committee Meeting to Discuss “Iolanthe”

Held in the Palm Beach Hall on Tuesday 31 October 2006 at 9.30 pm

Present: Jeanne Mellamphy (Chair) Richard Melville, Philip Symonds, Janis McCartain, Andy Spence, Jack Watson.

Apologies: Mark James, Pat Atkin, Marie Watson

Finance: The balance in the account is currently $8,623.99. $3,901.35 in the working account.

The following accounts (related to the show “Iolanthe”) were passed for payment:

Copy Expresso Poster, Ticket printing 135.00

Copy Expresso. Poster, ticket printing 146.50

Block booking for Footrot Flats (recovered) 390.00

Palm Beach Progressive Assn. (Hall hire) 70.00

MORRA Hall hire 18.00

Colin Beardon (paint, sets, props) 70.31

Philip moved, and Jeanne seconded, that these accounts be passed for payment en bloc.

Carried unanimously.

The fairies want a make-up artist. Jane Rushton was suggested (at cost of make-up only?)

Fairies wings and coronets are coming on Sunday.

Dress Rehearsal is currently set for Tuesday next. (7/11/06). Jenny Knight is to attend.

Front of House is to be taken care of by the Choral Society. Anne Sutton and Marion Robertson were suggested as suitable people, who could be asked.

Advertising is to be placed in the “Gulf News” and the “Waiheke Marketplace.”

Programmes: Colin Beardon is to be asked to carry out the design. The programmes will be printed by Harveys Real Estate, with suitable acknowledgement in the programme.

Food for Rehearsals has been supplied by Marie Watson, and she is to be reimbursed with the sum of $30.00.

Meeting closed at 9.45 pm.