Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc.

Minutes of a Committee Meeting Held in the Palm Beach Hall

On 15th August 2006

Meeting opened at 7.00 pm.

Present: Philip Symonds (Chair), Jack Watson, Mark James, Richard Melville, Janis McCartain, Marie Watson, Andy Spence.

Apologies were received from Jeanne Mellamphy and Pat Atkin. Sustained. Jack/Marie

Minutes of previous meeting (18/07/06) were taken as read and confirmed. Janis/Marie

Matters arising were deferred to General Business.

Correspndence: Inward (from George Hudson, Jill Tetley) received and Outward (to Marion Robertson, George Hudson) approved. Andy/Marie.

Finance: Accounts as detailed in the attached statement, including Artworks account. Passed. Janis/Andy.

General Business: Mozart concert is confirmed as being 2.30 pm on Sunday 27th August in St. Peter’s Church, Oneroa. It will be necessary to hire a piano—Janis is to arrange this with Lloyd Whittaker, to be delivered to St. Peters on Friday 25th August. There will be a rehearsal in the Church on Friday 25th or Saturday 26th, depending on which suits the Catholic congregation, Richard and others. Theperformance is to be dedicated to the late Sister Joan Timpany. Advertising: to be placed in the “Church Notices” in the papers, and all Choir members are to be urged to email their Waiheke friends. Jack is to produce a notice to be placed on the notice boards of the churches. These to be given to Janis who will put them up. (20 copies—bring to Choir next week) Kate Loughmayne will be asked to run a descriptive paragraph in the “Gulf News.”

Iolanthe: The show is now fully cast, and all principals have accepted their parts. We may need to look for a pianist to play for rehearsals. There is a possibility that some of the principals may be asked to have some of their rehearsals in Auckland, depending on what is suitable to them and to Richard. First rehearsal for choruses is to be at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 29th August. (Palm Beach Hall) Costumes are to be organised by Anne Sutton.

Choreography is to be organised by Maya Spence, and she will liase with Robert Vale about this. Scenery will be organised by Bernard Rhodes. The first performance will now take place on Friday 10th November, but still in the Rocky Bay Hall.

An up to date phone/address list is needed. Jack suggested that this show all members, whether or not they are financial at the time of its compilation. Financial status could be shown on a separate list.

Next committee meeting to be on Sunday 17th September 2006, 4.00 pm at the home of Jack & Marie, 43 Kennedy Road, Surfdale.

This meeting closed at 7.30 pm.