Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc.

Minutes of a Committee Meeting Held at the Home of Jack and Marie Watson

On Sunday 21st May 2006

Meeting opened at 5.40 pm.

Present: Jeanne Mellamphy (Chair), Janis McCartain, Philip Symonds, Pat Atkin, Marie Watson, Mark James, Andy Spence and Jack Watson.

An apology was received from Richard Melville. Jack/Janis

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting were confirmed. Jeanne/Janis.

Business Arising: The Dinner for Society members was a great success, and maybe this will set a precedent for future social occasions.

The Show Sub-Committee had met, and had decided to bring forward to the main Committee the recommendation that “Iolanthe” be staged as the next production. It was reported that Accompanist Marion Robertson had some reservations about this—in view of the success of the recent performances of “Last Tango in Little Oneroa” she had wondered if something along the same lines (possibly a Victorian Music Hall with sketches) would be better. Discussion followed, and it was accepted that a show such as this would entail a great deal more work for Richard than would be the case with a fully scored and scripted show, such as a Gilbert and Sullivan opera. Performances of “Iolanthe” could be dedicated to our Patron, George Hudson, as he is leaving the Island, and Gilbert and Sullivan is his favourite genre. Following discussion, Jack moved, seconded by Andy, that “Mainly Mozart” (currently in rehearsal) be brought to performance as a priority, and that the Choir then go ahead with a production of “Iolanthe.” Carried unanimously. It was suggested by Jeanne that the Society advertise for people willing to take part in “Iolanthe,” and she moved (from the Chair) that Philip and Andy approach suitable people for various roles and tasks. Carried. The principals could be practising their roles while “Mainly Mozart” is still in rehearsal. As the choruses would not require a great deal of practice, “Iolanthe” could be put on a comparatively short time after the Mozart concert was performed. A tentative schedule of dates is to be drawn up, and Treasurer Mark James is to draw up a budget for the show.

Jeanne commented that Kit Nelson had not yet written her piece for the 30th Anniversary, but there is plenty of time.

There was no correspondence.

Finance Report (written, and attached) was presented by Treasurer Mark James. Current Bank balance is $4354.15, and there is some banking to be done. Received on the motion of Pat, seconded by Marie.

General Business: The Show Sub-Committee is to meet on Monday 22nd May, 7.30 pm at Philip’s home. As Janis is not at present available for this Sub-Committee, she moved that Marie take her place to preserve the gender balance. Seconded by Pat and carried.

Mention was made of Marion Robertson’s commitments, and the desirability of a relief accompanist being found to stand in for Marion on occasion.

Next meeting: To be arranged.

This meeting closed at 6.40 pm.