Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc.

Minutes of a Committee Meeting held on 23rd. April 2006

At the Home of Jack & Marie Watson

Meeting opened at 5.35 pm.

Present were Jeanne Mellamphy (Chair), Jack Watson, Richard Melville, Marie Watson, Pat Atkin, Mark James, Janis McCartain, Andy Spence.

An Apology from Philip Symonds was sustained. Jack/Jeanne.

Minutes of the previous meeting (26/3/06) were confirmed. Jack/Pat.

Matters Arising: The dinner outing to be discussed in General Business. Andy has consented to act as Social Secretary. (acclamation)

Correspondence: Inward only, being an account from Harrop & Hargreaves for annual auditing of the accounts. This was received. Janis/Andy.

Finance: To date $960.00 has been received in Annual Subscriptions. The account from Harrop & Hargreaves (see above) for $213.75 to be paid. Janis moved and Andy seconded that this be done. Carried unanimously. It is noted that this was the fee for a full audit, and as the Constitution only requires a lesser audit than this, the cheaper option is to be taken next year.

General Business: Andy confirmed the booking of the Golf Club on 7th May 2006. for 6.00 pm. Costs are to be $75.00 for the venue and $75.00 for the bar staff. With the subsidy by the Choral Society of $10.00 per member, cost works out at $22.00 per head for members. Kit Nelson will talk to Peta Stavelli (“Gulf News”) about the piece Kit is going to write about the 30th Anniversary. There will be no rehearsals held on 25th April, because of Anzac Day. Members to be contacted by phone re this. Stan Edwards has installed a brighter light at the entrance to the Palm Beach Hall, which will make it easier for members to come and go on winter evenings.

It is still expected that the forthcoming concert will be at the end of May.

That a Show Sub-Committee consisting of Andy, Philip, Janis, Mark and Richard be formed was moved by Jeanne and seconded by Jack. Carried. They are to meet at 4.30 pm on 7th May at the Golf Club, to discuss the next show. “Ruddigore” is still the favoured choice.

30th. Anniversary: It was agreed that this be marked by a Dinner on 13th. December (incorporating the Christmas members’ function) and that the first concert in 2007 be dedicated to this important anniversary. This concert will consist of popular items from previous concerts over the years. The Anniversary is to be mentioned at all functions prior to it.

As there was no further business, the meeting closed at 6.10 pm, with thanks to Marie and Jack for the use of their home.

Next meeting to be on 31st May 2006, 5.30 pm. again at 43 Kennedy Road, Surfdale.