Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc.

Minutes of a Committee Meeting Held on 26th March 2006

In the Waiheke Historical Society Museum

Meeting opened at 1.05 pm.

Present: Jeanne Mellamphy (Chair), Janis McCartain, Philip Symonds, Richard Melville, Pat Atkin, Marie Watson, Mark James, Jack Watson.

There was an apology from Andy Spence, sustained on the motion of Jack, seconded by Marie.

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting (28/2/06) were confirmed with one correction, that being the addition of the words “subject, of course, to approval by the AGM” to the motion regarding setting of subscriptions for the coming year. Janis/Mark.

Matters Arising: It was decided to cancel the barbecue, as it is now getting rather late in the season for such outdoor pursuits. There was some discussion regarding a substitute fixture, and eventually Janis moved, with Pat as seconder, that the Choir investigate lunch at a vineyard one weekend, members to be subsidised by $10.00 per head. Over the weekend, Janis will phone Stony Ridge, The Shed and Nero regarding this. Richard will ask Kit Nelson to write her piece on the 30th Anniversary of the Society for the Gulf News.

Correspondence: One outward to George Hudson (requesting him to be Patron) was approved. Philip/Janis.

Finance: $65.00 to be paid to Palm Beach Progressive Assn. for four lots of Hall hire and $16.50 to Jack Watson for printer ink. Moved Pat, seconded Janis and carried. Current subscriptions received to date total $690.00.

General Business: That Richard Melville be appointed Musical Director was moved by Pat, seconded by Marie, and carried unanimously. That Philip Symonds be appointed Vice-President was moved by Richard, seconded by Marie and carried. The forthcoming Concert is to be held in St. Peter’s Church loate in May.

There was some discussion on social occasions for Society members. In the event of a trip to a show, Society funds to be used for a float when booking, those going, to then reimburse the Treasurer. The possibility of a Social Secretary was raised, and it was decided to ask Andy Spence if he would undertake this task. If not, the President will call for volunteers at a choir practice.

Next Committee meeting to be held at Jack and Marie’s home (Holyrood Lodge, 43 Kennedy Road, Surfdale) at 5.30 pm on Sunday 23rd. April 2006.

This meeting closed at 2.00 pm.