Minutes of a Committee Meeting of the Waiheke Choral Society

Held in the Palm Beach Hall on 28th February 2006

Meeting opened at 6.00 p.m.

Present: Jeanne Mellamphy (Chair), Marie Watson, Richard Melville, Mark James, Janis McCartain, Pat Atkin, Philip Symonds and Jack Watson.

There were no apologies.

Minutes of the previous meeting (31/01/06) were read, and confirmed. (Jeanne/Jack) with one correction, namely the amount passed for payment for refreshments for the “Meet and Greet.,” which was amended from $102.75 to $96.86.

Business arising: The re-scheduling of A Capella practices from Monday to Tuesday nights, was confirmed—this is to start from Tuesday 7th March 2006.

Correspondence: (inward only). There was a letter from Creative Communities, inviting the Choral Society to apply for funds from them, and the Quarterly Newsletter from the Choral Federation. Correspondence was received. Jack/Marie.

Financial Statement (attached to file copy of minutes) was produced by Treasurer Mark James. It showed a bank balance of $4,212.88. This was received, and a payment to Marie Watson of $10.00 for the Committee’s supper was approved. Philip/Pat.

General Business: Annual General Meeting: (To be held on 14th. March) We are to advertise that new members for the Choral Society will be very welcome. Constitutional changes as outlined by the late Alan Boghurst are to be adopted at the meeting. George Hudson is to be asked to continue as Patron—his generous support and interest in the Society continue to be much appreciated. Harrop and Hargreaves have advised that the Society does not require a full audit, unless our Constitution specifically requires it. Advertising of the AGM has been taken care of. Moved Pat, seconded Marie, that subscriptions for the coming year remain at $30.00 per person. Carried.

When all subscriptions are in, an up-to-date phone list is to be prepared for members. Their details are to be recorded when payment is made. Marion Knight is to be asked to phone the Choir members, and Janis McCartain has offered to contact A Capella members.

The barbecue for Society members is to be held on 25th March, at 4.00 p.m. If the weather is unsuitable, it is to be held in the Palm Beach Hall, which is to be booked in any case. That the Society supply meat (to be obtained by Marie from the Oneroa Butcher) for the barbecue to the value of $100.00 was moved by Pat, seconded by Jeanne, and carried. A commitment from members as to whether or not they will come is to be made at the Choir practices on 7th. March.

Kit Nelson, as a member of very long standing, is to be asked to write an item for the Gulf News on the forthcoming 30th Anniversary of the Society.

On behalf of the Committee, Jeanne thanked Marie for supplying supper during the meeting.

Richard has bought black folders, to be used by those Choir members who do not already have them, for the forthcoming “Mainly Mozart” concert.

The meeting closed at 6.50 p.m. Next meeting will be the AGM on 14th March 2006.