Minutes of a Committee Meeting of the Waiheke Choral Society Held in Artworks Theatre on Tuesday 1st November 2005

Meeting opened at 5.30 p.m.

Present: Jeanne Mellamphy (Chair), Mark James, Janis McCartain, Pat Atkin, Richard Melville, Philip Symonds, Marie & Jack Watson.

Apologies: None.

Minutes of the Previous Committee Meeting were read and confirmed. Mark/Pat.

Business Arising: Posters for “Last Tango in Little Oneroa”are to be produced by Richard. Change of Venue for this meeting was mentioned. Advertisements for LTLO are in place, but the dates will need to be changed due to postponement. Mention was made of the date for the Omiha performance (but see below).

Correspondence: Two inward, namely supply of franked envelopes from NZ Post and one from Jack & Marie withdrawing from the production of LTLO, due to problems at home. They will however, be able to continue with their Committee duties. Received. Janis/Jeanne.

Finance: There is an account with Copy Expresso for $10.80 outstanding from July. Mark will check if this has been paid, and if not, do so forthwith. Further accounts passed for payment were $10.00 to the Presbyterian Church for rehearsal in St. Paul’s and $10.00 to Marie for supplying tonight’s supper.

General Business: Last Tango in Little Oneroa: There was some discussion as to possible change of dates for the show, having regard to the need not to clash with the

Carol Service. LTLO performance dates now to be 2nd, 3rd and 4th December. Jeanne will phone Pat Canning re change of date for the Carol Service to the following week, and Richard will check if Sister Shout still wish to sing with us for this. Banner advertising LTLO has already been produced, Richard or possibly Barry McCartain will change the dates on the banner. Lighting for the show was discussed, Philip is organising this and is confident of finding someone to operate lights on the night. Complete run-through and costume call to be held on Tuesday November. Richard suggested that microphones be hired, for the show. There are three at Artworks, and this will be looked in to. Costumes are to be finalised in the next week—tuxedos or fancy satin waistcoats for the men. Tables and chairs will be required on the stage. The tickets are to be re-dated. Mark will arrange the performance date of LTLO in Rocky Bay (Omiha Hall). It is intended that this be combined with the dress rehearsal, either 7.00 p.m. on the Friday 25th November, or Saturday 26th Nov. Tickets to be sold at the door--$10.00 for adults, $5.00 children.

Christmas Breakup for the Choral Society to be held on 6th December at 6.00 p.m. for 6.30. Jeanne will buy a ham, and the hall will be decorated more simply than in previous years.

Next year will see the 30th. Anniversary of the formation of the Choral Society. Various ideas were put forward for marking the occasion, including offering to join forces with “Last Night of the Proms” for a gala performance, holding a retrospective concert—“A String of Pearls”, holding a party for past and present Choir members and going out for dinner. Members are to be asked for ideas in the Newsletter. That we investigate marking the occasion by visiting other choirs at their venues was moved by Marie and seconded by Philip. Carried.Next meeting Tuesday 15th November 2005, 6.00 p.m. at Artworks. This meeting closed 6.30 p.m.