Waiheke Choral Society Inc.

Minutes of Committee Meeting Held in the Palm Beach Hall

On 27th September 2005

Meeting opened at 6.10 p.m.

Present: Jeanne Mellamphy (Chair), Richard Melville, Mark James, Philip Symonds, Janis McCartain, Pat Atkin, and Jack Watson. An apology was from Marie Watson was sustained. Jeanne/Pat.

Minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed. Philip/Pat. Matters arising were deferred until General Business, at the direction of the Chair.

Correspondence: Outward (letter to Omiha Welfare and Recreation Society, offering a performance of “Last Tango in Little Oneroa” in their hall) was approved, and Inward (from Jenny and Ken Brown expressing appreciation for condolence card on the death of Jenny’s mother, from NZ Choral Federation announcing that the Federation is in dire straits, and Linda Deverell re arrangements for the Waiheke Christmas Festival). Inward received and outward approved on the motion of Pat,

Seconded by Mark. Business Arising: The Secretary is to write to Linda Deverell (14 Nelson Ave, Surfdale), to let her know that the Choral Society will not be able to take part in the Christmas Festival this year, although we will be singing in the combined Carol Service. Jack is also to write to the Catholic Parish (c/- Pat Canning, address to be found in the phone book under listing for W & P Canning, Tawa Road) asking if we may use the Catholic Church in Oneroa for the Carol Service on 4th December. Jack reported that Mike Lee, President of the Omiha Welfare and Recreation Society had phoned him with an enthusiastic response to the offer of a performance of “Last Tango in Little Oneroa” in their Hall—a letter from them will follow.

Finance: Treasurer Mark (only recently arrived home after three months’ absence) had not been able to put together a financial statement for this meeting. There had been an enquiry from a potential new Society member; she is to be quoted $15.00 for the remainder of the current year. Accounts for Payment: $40.00 to Waiheke Presbyterian Church for September hire of St. Paul’s Church for A Cappella practices. $245.00 had been paid to the Palm Beach Progressive Assn for hire of their Hall for Tuesday practices, and Janis is to find out from them until what date this amount will cover. Jeanne is to be given a suitable sum to purchase a tin of biscuits for Harvey’s Real Estate, in appreciation of their generosity in providing photocopying for the Choirs. Richard is to let the Treasurer know what money is due to him as reimbursement of his travel expenses (to be paid to him). $10.00 was paid to Marie (from accumulated koha) as reimbursement for tonight’s Committee supper, and Jack was asked to convey the Committee’s appreciation to Marie. $20.00 is to be paid to Jeanne to buy stamps for Society mail posted by her. Accounts were passed for payment. Jack/Janis.

General Business: Details regarding “Last Tango in Little Oneroa” will be in the next Newsletter. Richard gave an update on the progress of the show. He felt that there is a need for someone to put the Cabaret in the second half of the show together, and suggested that Mary Melville and her friend Cheryl Hansford be asked to look after this. It was further suggested that Maya Spence would be a useful person to help with this task. There is a need for the timetable for “Last Tango” to be firmed up, and in particular we will need to arrange for hall practices—Onetangi perhaps if Artworks is not available. Publicity for “Last Tango.” As Brenda (who had been asked if she could do this) is very busy, the suggestion was made that posters, flyers et cetera could be produced by one of the Committee on computer. Mark is to place small ads. In the Public notices section of the “Waiheke Marketplace” and “Gulf News.” Janis offered to put up notices in strategic locations within walking distance of her home. There will be a Costume Call two or three weeks before the show. Tickets will be provided by Artworks. Hire of Artworks as a venue is $100.00 per night—charge for the matinee performance is not yet known. Artworks will organise a Bar Licence to cover the performances. Front of House personnel for the show are the responsibility of the Choral Society. Jeanne and Pat volunteered for this duty.

Richard needs an assistant to help with the sourcing and copying of Music. The Committee is to arrange this, and Dee Austring is to be asked if she will undertake this ongoing task. (Subsequently to the meeting, but before completion of these minutes, Dee has agreed to this.)

The missing risers have been located. They are in the MORRA Hall, under the stage.

The next Committee meeting is to be held at 6.00 p.m. on Tuesday 18th October, in the Palm Beach Hall.

Meeting Closed at 7.00 p.m.