Minutes of a Committee Meeting of the Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc.

Held in the Palm Beach Hall on 26th. July 2005.

Meeting opened 6.05 p.m.

Present: Jeanne Mellamphy (Chair), Richard Melville, Philip Symonds, Pat Atkin, Janis McCartain, Marie Watson, Jack Watson.

No Apologies.

Minutes of June Committee meeting were confirmed. Jeanne/Marie. The only matter arising­ concerned arrangements for the forthcoming show “Last Tango in Little Oneroa.,” to come up in General Business.

Correspondence. Outward only, to Mr. Wolmarans and Ms. Heer. Approved on motion of Jeanne, seconded by Janis.

Financial Report was given by Philip, and adopted. Pat/Marie. Bank balance at start of the period was $3,153.17, and $4,673. at the close. Copy Expresso had sent a further account for $10.80. Harrop and Hargreaves (Auditors) had been paid. There is some money owing to the Palm Beach Progressive Assn. for practices held in the Hall—Janis will approach the Assn. To find out the amount, which is to be paid..

General Business: Richard asked the Committee members to give some thought to the Society’s programme over the coming months, including an end-of-year show and performances next year. Considerable discussion ensued, and it was unanimously agreed that the following programme be carried out. Jeanne/Pat. “Last Tango in Little Oneroa” to be delayed until late October or early November (in lieu of an end-of-year show), avoiding Labour Weekend, and working in with the re-opening of the Artworks Theatre. In any case, this will allow more time for rehearsal, particularly needed in view of the fact that the play script is not yet to hand from the agents, who are to be phoned by Richard with a “hurry up” call. (Jack to remind Richard to do this next week.) Philip will explore the possibility of an opening function for Artworks, our choir could give some items from our repertoire. A programme of Christmas Carols will be put together, with the aim of performing at an ecumenical carol service in St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Oneroa, subject, of course, to their agreement. The possibility of combining with A Cappella and Sister Shout was mentioned—Harriet of Sister Shout has indicated their willingness. It was felt that a Sunday afternoon would be best for the Carol Service, and definitely not to be combined with the annual beach concert. The Omiha Welfare and Recreation Society is to be approached to see if they would like a performance in their hall, and our committee also wishes to give a performance of carols at the Retirement Village and “Seaside Sanctuary.” The Choral Society’s Christmas break-up will be held in the Onetangi Hall as usual.

Next year, the Choir will work towards a performance of classical items at the end of April/beginning of May, and then a major show later in the year.

The matter of clearing the Society’s office furniture from Pat’s Garage was then brought up. This has been left with her for too long, and is becoming an embarrassment to all concerned. The items are to be offered to Choir members who feel they have a use for them, and Peter Armstrong is to be asked to take any items still in the garage by next weekend to the Transfer Station in his truck. The Choral Society is to meet any charges involved. Moved Jack, seconded Marie, and carried unanimously.

Briar Philcox is back at work, but still far from well. It will be some time before she is able to rejoin the Choir.

Changes to the Choral Society’s rules as suggested by Alan Boghurst (copy filed with the minutes) were agreed to in principle, and the issue will be voted on at a rehearsal. When passed, they will be forwarded to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.

Jeanne moved a Vote of Thanks to Marie for the meal she had cooked for the Committee.

Code of Practice for “Last Tango in Little Oneroa”: The items were gone through one by one, the following being noted as requiring action:

Meeting closed at 7.30 p.m.

Next meeting 23rd August 2005 at 6,00 p.m.