The meeting opened at 6.40pm.

Present Philip, Wendy, Vonny, Richard, Mark, Jeanne.

Minutes of the last meeting The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed as correct.

Matters arising As matters arising are still ongoing they will be discussed more fully in General Business.

Correspondence Inward. Cheque arrived from Communities Board for next years revue. Invitation from ACC to a meeting for city council hall hires. Letter of thanks from D. Mc.Millan for the newsletter and enclosing stamps for postage

Outward Correspondence Letter to George Blanchard thanking him for his service to the committee. Letter to M. McIvor of Island Pipers, with cheque enclosed.

Financial Statement. The balance is at $2190.88c.

General Business The visit to The Seaside Sanctuary has been confirmed for Tuesday Dec. 7th at 6.30pm.Wendy will do some more research on the Life Membership badges. Ken Brown to be E.mailed for more information.

End of year Break-up. We have the Santa suit and the tablecloth paper has been ordered from Gilmores. Lesley has agreed to be responsible for the ham purchase and to approach Woolworths for a possible discount for goods. Richard has plenty of votive candles.

WW2. Vonny has done a lot of research re. music of that era. Kath Owens has plenty of music and is only too happy to see it being used. Anita Gibbs is the contact. Also Vonny has approached Lloyd Scott of Radio NZ who will go into the archives for more music especially NZ composed. Linda Stenberg has also been approached.

We had an open discussion on the format of the show and the ideas that were noted are.Sand bags at the front door of the hall, sirens going, search lights across the curtains, choir on stage dressed in the service uniforms singing When the lights go on again. Music to be put into sections or tributes eg. people stars, occasions etc. Samuel Barbera”s adagio for voices, Finale to be The last post. A Friday night performance to be held at Rocky Bay hall.committee to be responsible for the show.

Lesley’s shed is being demolished so we have to find another storage area.

There being no more business to discuss the meeting closed at 7.30pm. The next meeting will be at Philip’s home at 7.30pm. after the Seaside Sanctuary visit. Committee members to bring a plate as this will be the last meeting for the year 2004.