The meeting opened at 6.10pm.

Present Richard,Wendy, Philip, Mark Lesley, Jeanne.

Apologies. Vonny, Sylvia.

Minutes of last meeting. The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed correct.

Matters arising As matters arising are still ongoing they will be discussed more fully in

General business.

Correspondence, Inward

Letter received from the Communities Trust giving us $606.25c for WW2 revue next

year. Letter from Community Post giving 100 letters with free postage.

Correspondence Outward. Three thankyou Letters Marion, Dulcie and Lloyd and Joan


Financial Statement. Out. $210.10c. In $30 subs balance $1621.38c Since the balance

came out we received $136.50c from the a cappella concert It was decided that half

should go to the Island Pipers. M. Richard, S. Lesley. P.U.

General Business The a cappella concert was a great success and enjoyed by a

representation of music lovers $136.50c was received as Koha.$68 to go to the

Island Pipers. as their share.

The end of year concert will be Carols and Christmas songs to be sung at St. Peter’s

Church 7pm to 8pm with Sister Shout and possibly Te Huruhi school choir Sunday 12th Dec. Richard to have discussions with Rhys Nicholson re the school choir .A visit to Seaside Side Sanctuary Tues Dec 7th. at 6.30pm to be confirmed

Discussion with Jan MacCartain, who is on the Palm Beach Hall committee re long term lease. MORRA hall is $25 per night and is also in use on Tuesdays, Ostend Hall is $24 and Palm Beach is $16.

Because there are so many activities going on between now and Christmas it was decided to let choir members be in the Christmas panto by individual choice.To be noted in the newsletter. Also it was decided not to reprise the concert for the same reason and lack of time.

Life Membership badges. Philip has done all the research on the membership badges and I was decided that Wendy will purchase six at the Trophy shop in Canada St. Two to be engraved.

End of year Christmas break-up. We still have some wine available and it was agreed that the choir will purchase a ham to go with the members contributions. A mystery gift of $2 value to be brought by guests to be distributed at the party and Wendy or Russel to also purchase tablecloth paper which will be needed for the revue next year. It was suggested that Peter Armstrong be Santa.

All business being finished the meeting closed at 7.10pm Next meeting Nov. 9th at Palm Beach Hall and the Dec meeting to be Dec.7th 7.30pm at Philips home after our Seaside Sanctuary visit.