The meeting opened at 6pm.

Present Richard, Mark, Wendy, Lesley, Jeanne.

Apologies Philip

Minutes. Minutes of the last meeting were read and amended. It was clarified that George Blanchard has resigned from the committee only and that Fiona Mc.Bride has resigned from the choir

Matters arising Linda Deveral still wants to use the church [St. Peters’] Probably to make it easier for the community to go to Carols on the Beach. See Steve Tetley re lights for the concert and Rod Glendenning will be playing the drums .Lesley to action.

Access to grants. Mark attended two meetings re community access to grants. The ASBTrusts Public meeting was mainly for buildings, but Mark accessed all of the relevant material and pamphlets for future use.A grant application form has been filled out for WW2 revue with a budget attached

Correspondence Inward. Letter of resignation from the choir committee received from Barbara Cuff [accepted] Letter from Dirt Track Club re raising funds for community swimming pool {declined], Letter from Ministry of Economics for financial statement for GST purposes

Outward. Letter to George Blanchard accepting his resignation.

Financial Report. July report. IN $60.00 [subs] OUT $32.55 [photocopying] BALANCE$1614.00, plus Building Fund of $7000.Artworks have returned the bond of $150 but the deposit of $604 has not been returned yet. A donation of $20 to ORRA for use of their hall for Yule Foolery

General Business Concert rehearsals are on track and going well.Dress rehearsal on Fri.10th Sept. at 7pm. Show,11th Sept. 7.30 pm. and Sunday 12th at 2pm. Mark to liaise with Jill Tetley re publicity. Richard to approach George Hudson on behalf of the choir for use of his piano. Transport to be organized, and Richard to sort out the music order with Marion for the programme , also to check with Jill Tetley re rostra.

Social. Yule Foolery was a great success nd well attended. We still have two cases of wine left but will use them at the end of year do. Thanks to Marie Watson, Peter Armstrong and Jeanne Mellamphy for hall decorations.

Christmas Carols and Pantomime We have ongoing discussions re programme with Sing Waiheke and Linda Deveral for Christmas Carols. Contact Anne Jocelyn for Sing Waiheke. We hope to visit Seaside Sanctuary for some Christmas Cheer. After some discussion it was decided that because of time constraints and a full programme, we could not take part officially in the pantomime, but to offer it to other choir members. They can contact Kate at Gulf news.

Programme for 2005 It was decided to set the structure in place as soon as possible for the WW2 revue for next year. A budget is in place and a sub committee be formed to do this. Music to be from ’39 to ’45. Wartime music can be sourced from Linda Stenberg. Wendy agreed to head the sub committee

Serious Work Richard to see Iain Tetley of Sing Waiheke for their 2005 programme then to choose a serious work for us i.e. Haydns’ Creation or an Oratorio. So the programme for 2005 will be ,May 05 WW2 revue, Sept 05 Serious Work, Dec 05 Christmas programme.

Any Other Business. Simkin House is available ‘free for removal’ and a discussion was held on the viability of the choir obtaining it for a home. Sylvia to write to prominent business people on the island for ideas after Richard has contacted the owner for further discussion. We would need to go into ‘partnership’ with the Historical Society or another Island community group to make it work. Alternately, a long term lease with one of the community halls on the island is another option.

Mark has agreed to design a web page for the choir and Lesley is going to approach Harveys’ for help in photocopying. An up to date phone list of members to go out with the next newsletter.

It was decided to hold future committee meetings at Palm Beach Hall on Tuesdays prior to rehearsal.

There being no more business to discuss the meeting closed at 7.30pm.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday Sept. 21st. 6.00pm at Palm Beach Hall.