Minutes of Waiheke Choral Society, held at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Monday 14th June 2004 a

Meeting opened at 6.20pm when we had a quorum, some discussion went on while we awaited late comers.

Apologies Apologies were received from Philip Symonds and Lesley Smith, and Sylvia Hubbard

Minutes The minutes were read and discussed. There were some amendments to the minutes as follows

  1. change to Orpheus in Britomart

  2. letters to go to both Christines, Christine Jarman and Christine Hoffman

  3. Code of Conduct, It wasn’t a debrief for Orpheus , It was to be a report back on code of practice for shows and concerts. Debrief of the show to be discussed at the next meeting

It was moved that the minutes as amended be accepted. M. Wendy Croucher, S. Barbera Cuff. P.U.

Matters arising The Yule Foolery Social has been postponed until Tuesday Aug. 3rd at 7pm. at the Onetangi Hall, this is to give members time to prepare an item if they so wish. Also to allow time for Twelfth Night to finish. As there is an alcohol ban at Palm Beach it was agreed to move the social to another venue. Bring supper,( small plate and drink) Philip to co-ordinate items

Charity Concert to be held at MORRA hall August 28th. and 29th, times to be advised.

Rehearsal pianist to be obtained and paid for three sessions; Contact Lloyd Whittaker J. Mellamphy to action.

Correspondence As the secretary was absent we were unable to table inwards or outward correspondence.

Financial Report. Financial report for month ending May 31st.$ 2150 in the bank.

Incoming, $820, subs. ( there are still some outstanding) Outgoing, $ 24.50.

General Business. Music disposal. For legal reasons (copyright), members will be asked to return all Choral Society music for disposal. This to be two weeks running after the newsletter comes out. Two Mondays and two Tuesdays, W, Croucher to collect and W.Croucher and B. Cuff to sort it out ready for disposal .

The sub committee tabled a draft copy of the Code of Practice relating to shows and concerts to consider and it was decided to have a meeting Monday June 21st at 5.30pm at St. Paul’s to concentrate on this and to finally debrief Orpheus in Britomart.

There being no more business to discuss the meeting closed at 7.30pm.