AGM of Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc. – 16 June 2020

The AGM was scheduled for 17th March but was delayed due to the Covid-19 lock down.

The AGM reports were distributed on March 21 for members to read and this meeting of the Waiheke Choral Society was held on 16th June 2020 at the Waiheke Musical Museum to ratify those reports.


Carolyn Smart, Dee Austring, Diane Faull, Eileen Boghurst, Elizabeth Haylock, Flynn Washington, Frances Salt, Gavin Smart, Jane Griffith, Jeanne Mellamphy, Joan Kirk,  Kath Alber, Mark James, Nicolas Herren, Nika Diblenko, Nora West, Norma Cross, Mary Batten,  Richard Melville,  Rosemary Burns, Sally Lumsden, Susan Triggs

An attendance register/tracker was circulated and signed

Andy Spence, Maya Spence, Ann Jocelyn, Gillian Reeve, Graham Johnson, Hiromi Stewart

Meeting opened: by Gavin Smart at 7:00 pm

President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Musical Director’s Report

Election of Officers

General business.


Mark proposes that we keep our accounts reviewer as Rocky Rhodes and that the subscription fee remains at $30 for an individual and $50 for a family.

Seconded by Dee Austring. All in favour.

Dee offered to send an email to all members re the subscription - the amount owing and the bank details.

Musical Museum Trust

Ann Jocelyn tabled an invite from the Musical Museum for people to become members and /or volunteers of the Musical Museum. They are also looking for trustees and would like to propose that a member of the Choral Society become a trustee for a period of 2 years. After this time, they would stand down and seek re-appointment if they wished. The thought being that the person would be a trustee for the 2-year period and then be replaced by a different nominee.

The main requirement of a trustee is an interest in music and support the museum, however board members are both the governing body and have full management responsibilities for the Museum so skills such as fundraising, financial and business management, marketing and promotion, community networking, music educations etc would be welcome.

Nobody offered to be a trustee; however, several people are interested in becoming members and/or volunteers and they will speak to Anne directly.

Don’t forget the tin for tea and biscuits. We ask people to drop a $1 a week in the tin if they are having a cup of tea and a biscuit to cover the costs.

Fire regulations require us to have a Fire warden. Joan Kirk, Gillian Reeves and Gavin Smart have offered to take on this role.

Concert Programme
Mary Batten advised that there is a program about Lloyd and Joan Whittaker on the concert program at 12:30 on Wednesday

Telephone Tree
Frances suggested a telephone tree might be useful to supplement emails. Only 3 members do not have email, so it was decided to leave this for now. Dee contacts the members without email.

Meeting Closed

The meeting was closed at 7:30 pm by Gavin Smart