AGM Minutes 22/3/2016

Present: Richard Melville, Maya Spence, Andy Spence, Anne Willmann, Willy Willmann, Susan Triggs, Lynn Kemeys, Phillip Symonds, Mark James, Nassai Herren, Nicolas Herren, Mailis Herren, Jan Mellamphy, Irene Hodgson, Eileen Boghurst, Flynn Washington, Christine Beardon, Tony Johnson, Denny Reid, Gillian Reeve, Mary Batten, Kayla Mackenzie-Kopp, Dee Austring
Apologies: Carol Handin, Ann Jocelyn, Mig Wright, Robin Tucker, Kara Nelson, Hiromi Stewart, Jane Griffith

Last year's AGM minutes were accepted unanimously

President + Musical Director's Report

Richard celebrated our 40th anniversary.
He suggested we make a gift for Kara, our longest standing member.
He reflected upon 2015 and everything we achieved
Richard reiterated that we should make some small changes to fall back onto the radar
He thanked Mary, Ann, the committee, the choir, and our audience, for all the support

Gillian moved to accept the speech - approved

Treasurers' Report

There was a loss of around $10,000 in 2015. This was due mainly to advance expenses for the Sound of Music, which should be recovered in 2016. Mark emphasized that Sound of Music must be a success in order to regain this loss
The income of our subscriptions has dropped, Mark stated that we need more members
Mark informed us that we no longer require an accountant to do our books, nor an audit

Mark was awarded a vote of thanks from acclamation


Maya suggested that the non-member actors in our plays should pay a participation fee, of half the normal membership fee, i.e. $15 adults and $5 students. The membership fees are still the same price of $30 for an adult, $20 for students and $50 a family, which is moved by Dee - approved

General Business

The proposed amendments to the constitution were shown around, and explained by Mark, Mark moved for the changes to be approved, seconded by Dee - approved

Ann thanked Richard for his hard work
Dee was thanked by the choir
Mark moved to keep Rocky A Rhodes as our auditor - approved


President: Richard, nominated by Dee, seconded by Eileen - Approved
Musical Director:
Richard, nominated by Dee, seconded by Eileen - Approved
Assistant musical director:
Anne, nominated by Dee, seconded by Eileen - Approved
Mark, nominated by Dee, seconded by Eileen - Approved
Assistant Treasurer:
Nassai, nominated by Maya, seconded by Jan - Approved
Communications manager:
Dee, nominated by Christine, seconded by Susan - Approved
Publicity Manager:
Robin, nominated by Phillip, seconded by Andy - Approved

Committee: Susan, Mailis, Maya, Phillip, Kayla - moved Mary, seconded Eileen approved