Minutes of Annual General meeting held at Whittaker’s Musical Museum

Tuesday 6th March 2012 at 7.00pm

Present: 20 members

Apologies: Jeanne Mellamphy, Mark James, Freda and George Blanchard

Minutes of the last AGM were read

Dee / Janet. That the minutes of the last AGM, 2011 be accepted. Carried

Matters Arising. There were no matters arising

President’s report. Andy Spence read his report – copy attached.

Dee / Janet. That the Presidents report be accepted. Carried

Treasurers report: Andy presented the audited financial statement for the year ending 31.12.11 in the absence of the treasurer, Mark. Copy attached.

Dee / Lyn. That the Financial Statements be accepted. Carried.

Musical Director’s report:

Thanks to the choir , family, committee, pianists and everyone who has helped during the year.

Special mention made of those who are no longer with us, who contributed over the years, in particular, Jan McCarten , Alan Boghurst and Colin Nelson.

The aim of choir…The 3 E’s

1. Enjoy…one another’s company and the shared love of music.

2. Entertain….our audiences

3. Educate…bring the dots on paper to life, and broaden our knowledge of music, and have the courage to try some of the very big works.

Waiheke Choral Society must adapt to the changes on the island.

Once we were the only choir…there are now a huge number of musical groups on the island.

It may be time to consider what we do……either choir or theatre…or both?

The High school is a special venue that we could revisit. We were rushed this year and didn’t make full use of its possibilities.

Richard was impressed with the very good sound arrangements the two boys did for the V12 / Sister Shout concert.

Highlights of the year.

Easter being late we had time to prepare the Easter performance of “Messiah “

Being part of the audience and thoroughly enjoying the performance of “Fiddler”. Great cast, great music and a superb set from Colin

End of year concert when the ladies performed the difficult Britten and the whole choir sang the Bach pieces, not at St Peter’s due to communication problems, but at the High School…a new venue for us.

Maya / Stefan That the Musical Directors Report be accepted. Carried.

General Business:

Marion to arrange for flowers and a card to be sent to Jeanne Mellamphy who is now home, after a stay in hospital.

Rosemary / Marion

Committee to look into the piano and cover still residing at St. Peters

Subscriptions: That the annual subscription remain at

$30.00 per individual,

$50.00 for family rate,

and $10.00 for children and students.


Phillip Symonds appointed as Membership Coordinator, to be responsible for advising new people and collecting fees.

Signatories: Andy, Mark, Phillip.

Arrangements to be made to remove Janet’s name from Bank list.

Auditors: Mark advised that this fee is now 1/3 of our profits.

Dee to email members in search of a qualified accountant who would be willing to review our books.

Failing this, it was agreed to appoint Harrop and Hargreaves as auditors for next year.

Election of Officers:

Musical Director

Richard agreed to be reappointed Musical Director for the coming year. This was followed by a spontaneous round of applause.


Andy Spence Carried unanimously


Mark James Carried unanimously


Susan Trigg

Communications co.ordinator

Dee Austring


Maya Spence, Lyn Kemeys, Christine Beardon, Judy Oliver, Philip Symonds, Kirston Kesting.

There being no additional business the meeting closed at 8.00pm