Minutes of Annual General meeting held at Whittaker’s Musical Museum

Tuesday 8th March 2011 at 7.00pm

Present: 17 members

Apologies:, Mary Melville, Di…..

Minutes of the last AGM were read

Dee / Maya. That the minutes of the last AGM, 2010 be accepted. Carried

Matters Arising. There are still a number of the” 25 year” historical books left. These to be offered at $25

President’s report. Andy Spence read his report – copy attached.

Dee/Richard. That the Presidents report be accepted. Carried

Treasurers report: Mark presented the audited financial statement for the year ending 31.12.10.

Mark. Pointed out that we were not in a position to donate money to local causes this year. The cushion of funds built up over the last few years has kept us financial, but our expenses were higher than income from the show “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” . We lost $2441 in total although some of these expenses show in the previous years accounts when the rights were paid.

Income $10,558.50

The koha received from the performances of Mozart masses did not cover the expenses and in future we need to charge an entry fee to cover these costs.

Mozart...Expenses $1,309.80
Income $714.60

We have 39 paid up members, and can expect more as people join us from other choirs for the performances of Messiah.

Andy/Rosemary. That the Financial Statements be accepted. Carried.

Musical Director’s report:

Richard read his report—copy attached.

Seth / Dee That the Musical Directors Report be accepted. Carried.

General Business:

Question from the floor regarding the expensive rights for “Forum” In reply it was confirmed that the rights for “Fiddler” are just as expensive. That is why there must be no delays in putting on the show, and we must attract good audiences.


Jeanne/ Rosemary. That the annual subscription remain at

$30.00 per individual,

$50.00 for family rate,

and $10.00 for children and students.



Mark/Marion That Harrop and Hargreave be appointed as auditors for year 2011


Election of Officers

Musical Director
Richard MelvilleDee /Maya.
Andy SpenceRichard/ Janet
Mark JamesDee/Maya
Marion Knight
Janet and Richard agreed to cover this when Marion is away in April and July
Communications co.ordinator
Dee Austring
Mark will cover this while Dee is away April/May
Janet Mayes, Maya Spence, Seth Tetley Jones, Lyn Kemeys, Denny Reid, Susan Triggs.

Carried unapposed

Thanks were expressed to the outgoing committee member Jeanne Mellamphy for all her hard work, and for her invaluable assistance on the committee over many years.

There being no additional business the meeting closed at 7.39pm