Minutes of Annual General meeting held at Whittaker’s Musical Museum

Tuesday 23rd March 2010 at 6.30pm

Present: 24 members

Apologies: Marion Robertson, John Thompson, Pat Sullivan, Ann Sutton, Mary Melville

Minutes of the last AGM were read

Dee / Jeanne. That the minutes of the last AGM, 2009 be accepted. Carried

Matters Arising. Contact details on Palm Beach still need to be altered, and details need to be listed with Whats on in Gulf News, CAB, Auckland City Council website and Waiheke Library. Secretary to arrange.

President’s report. Philip Symonds read his report – copy attached.

Marion / Judy. That the Presidents report be accepted. Carried

Treasurers report: Philip presented the audited financial statement for the year ending 31.12.09 in the absence of the treasurer, Mark.

Judy / Janet. That the Financial Statements be accepted. Carried.

Musical Director’s report:

Richard said that he enjoyed last year…Peter Pan was great…and Forum will be too.

He suggests that the Choral Society needs to examine the present order of the year, and possibly plan the show at the end of the year to avoid the problems experienced in getting the show up and running at the beginning of the year. He expressed his thanks to the committee and to Philip and to our wonderful accompanists…and of course to the choir for turning up every Tuesday.

Although he has no intention of retiring yet, Richard is aware that thought needs to be given to the forward planning necessary to keep a smooth, seamless take over when the exit time comes. Each individual musical director has a unique imprint, so planning is needed to allow someone else to ease in. Meanwhile, Richard loves coming every Tuesday.

Janet / Dee That the Musical Directors Report be accepted. Carried.

General Business:

The” 25 year history books” on the books to be brought by Janet Pullen to choir.

Copies to be distributed to the Library, Historical Society, and the Theatre book shelf.

Additional copies to be offered for sale to the members at $30.

Subscriptions: That the annual subscription remain at

$30.00 per individual,

$50.00 for family rate,

and $10.00 for children and students.



Judy / Janet P. That Harrop and Hargreave be appointed as auditors for year 2010


Election of Officers

Musical Director

Richard agreed to be reappointed Musical Director for the coming year. This was followed by a spontaneous round of applause.


Andy Spence Judy / Janet Carried unanimously


Mark James Carried unanimously


Marion Knight

Jeanne Mellamphy

Communications co.ordinator

Dee Austring


Janet Mayes, Maya Spence, Seth Tetley Jones, Lyn Kemeys.

Thanks were expressed to the outgoing President Philip Symonds for all his hard work, and to Judy Oliver for her invaluable assistance on the committee.

There being no additional business the meeting closed at 7.10pm