Waiheke Island Choral Society

P O Box 333, Oneroa, Waiheke Island 1840, New Zealand


Journeys (June 2003)



A presentation by Waiheke A Capella and the Waiheke Writers Group

Waiheke A Capella

Departure composed by Felix Mendelsohn

Loch Lomond arranged by Thomas Dunhill

Blow the Wind Southerly arranged by Maurice Jacobson

Waiheke Writers Group

Return to Gairlock Wanda Cowley

Stamina Millicent McIvor

The Inevitable Question Mary Batten, read by Christine Jarman

The Expatriate’s Return Wanda Cowley

Waiheke A Capella

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot arranged by William Davidson

Solo Margaret Karetai

Go Down Moses arranged by Gordon Jacob

Solo Ron Jamieson

God So Loved the World composer John Stainer


Elegy for the Sea Creatures composer Freda Blanchard

Soprano Brenda Vale

Piano Dulcie MacMillan

Waiheke Writers Group

Ode to Caleb at Little Oneroa Millicent McIvor

Yes Quinny Tarapipipi

Return from Landmarch miriam frances

The family that prays together miriam frances

Waiheke A Capella

Edward Bear arranged by P. Carter

Home Sweet Home Harmony by T Crampton


Going to Blackpool Russel Croucher

Waiheke A Capella

Irish Blessing Traditional, adapted by Noel Stookey

Elegy For the Sea Creatures

Words and Music by Freda Blanchard

Magic paths move out to sea and soon return

tangled weeds torn from their hold,

a floating urn,

Soft wet seaweed left to wither

on the weatherbeaten shore.

Silver waves you rise to die on jagged rocks.

Sea creatures lost their homes,

and seagulls mock.

Meals of treasure for their pleasure

disembark into the dark.

Crimson trees your branches shade the silent sand

Cover shells left upon dry

and hungry land.

Homes of creatures washed to beaches

graves that mourn no more.

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